Security Cameras

Security Cameras

At UTC we understand the importance security and feeling secured so have we have partnered with manufactures to provide you with the best security cameras and installation.

Security Camera Solutions 

UTC offers a variety of camera system solutions for all types of applications. Whether you are trying to catch criminals or you just want additional exposure to whats happening at your business or home, we have the right system.  Our megapixel IP-basedsystems and HDCVI systems offer the highest quality available; providing you with the high-resolution you may need at the cash register, for facial recognition or to capture license plates.  If you just want general surveillance at an affordable price, we have that too.

IP Based Camera Systems

IP-Based Camera Systems offer the ability for the video from the cameras on your network to be transmitted anywhere your network extends; including a remote connection, because they are designed using Internet Protocol (IP).  This can be using the Internet or a private data network.

HDCVI Camera Solutions

HDCVI Camera Solutions offer the end-user the ability to broadcast high-definition video over coaxial cable using an analogue connection.  High-definition composite video interface (HDCVI) is the new technology from Dahua Technology; which proves to be a less costly HD over analog solution than high-definition serial digital interface (HDSDI) system from other manufacturers.

Hybrid Camera Solutions

Hybrid Camera Solutions offer users the flexibility of having both analogue cameras and the newer IP cameras on the same camera surveillance system.  This allows the ability to utilize existing or lower cost analogue cameras on some channels, while having IP-based megapixel HD cameras on others.

Security Cameras for Private Homes and Residential Areas

At UTC, our sales engineers are experts in designing residential security camera systems to assist law enforcement in fighting crime.  Whether you have a single family home, live in an apartment building, own a condominium, or you manage a large multi-family property, we have the right cameras for your application.

Our residential surveillance systems offer high-definition night-vision cameras to provide you with clear images both day and night.  From wide-view dome cameras to long-range bullet cameras, we install the best cameras to cover your property and give you the video recording you need to prosecute.

Security Cameras allow you to Monitor your Business

Viewing your video often will allow you to monitor your business and reward good employee behavior as well as improve behavior or business processes that need attention.  This type of positive interaction lets employees know you see their work and makes your presence known; even when your not really there.

Signage and visible security cameras offer a deterrent to thieves and others looking to harm your business.

Security Cameras for Manufacturing Facilities

Don’t leave your manufacturing area or industrial facility unattended.  With 24-hour video monitoring from your own video surveillance system from UTC, you always be there.  It will help reduce liability and provide valuable exposure to help manage your complex or business.